Hope 14

HOPE 14 weekend festival

Churches in Witney are working together through HOPE 14, a year-long initiative to help transform communities around the country. On the May Bank Holiday weekend there is a free festival in Witney to highlight the range of charities, services and advice that are available to local people as well as tell people more about HOPE 14.

Events are planned for each day of the weekend to include a party in the paddock, Sunday picnic and Beer Festival as well as many fun activities for young and old.

Local churches are keen to demonstrate the charitable services they offer the people of Witney and give hope to those who feel marginalised or struggling in these difficult economic times. Hope is about a better future, a positive outlook as well as transforming the community for the benefit of everyone. Social injustice and economic hardships are affecting more people than ever as evidenced by the increasing numbers relying on food banks and citizens advice just to get by and avoid the pitfalls of the modern world, but there is HOPE.

Hope for Witney

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Hope14 Programme

Hope14 Programme

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Rich White


Rich is married to Catherine and they have two boys, Ben and Joshua. Rich is training for Ordained ministry in the Church of England and spends part of his time here at St Mary's and also at St Mellitus College, London. Rich loves fishing (when he gets the chance) and is not ashamed to be a Downton Abbey fan!


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