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Memorandum of Gifts; A memorandum painted. on wooden planks. Painted white with black lettering.

Of the Gentlemen who gave the Following
Gifts Per Annum for Ever among the Poor
of the Parifh of Coggs and Newland.
Imprimis MR HENRY WHITE in 1667 of COGGS
Gent. gave One Hundred Pounds which said
sum has been since laid out in a Piece of Land
called Boy Croft in the Parish of Hailey, for
The Benefit of the Poor of Coggs.
Item MR WILLIAM WRIGHT in 1788 late of
OVERNORTON, Gent, gave One Hundred
Pounds, which said sum is laid out in the three
Per Cent Consolidated Annuities the In=
=trest there to belaid out in Bread to be
Distributed at Christmas among the Poor
of Coggs and Newland, or towards the
Education of Poor Children (as the Trusf=
=tees appointed by his Will) should think
Alfo GAVE the Intreft of Twenty Pounds to
The Parifh CLERK of Coggs and Newland
Which, said Principal Sum is laid out in
the above Annuities.
Coggs, in 1806 gave One Hundred
Pounds in the five per Cent Annui=
=ties, the Interest thereof to be distri=
=buted Yearly in Bread to the Poor
of this Parish on Candlemas Day.
of Newland 1851 gave One Hundred Pounds in
less by legacy duty ten pounds
the three per Cent Consols the In=
=terest thereof to be distributed
=Yearly in Bread to the Poor of this
Parish at Christmas.

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