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Large stone memorial set on 3 base plinths.

Pedestal set on plinths, square at base but carved to octagon on top.

Tall column rising from pedestal with stone crucifix above. Pointed topped roof to crucifix.

Inscriptions on all 4 faces of pedestal.

East face.

Crest with a banner, a lion in a shield above the banner and a crown above the lion. At top of crest a bird holding a horseshoe.

South face.

Castle carved in a square emblem, surrounded by leaves and one key at the base.

Inscription above castle in emblem.


Inscription below castle in emblem.


4 lines of inscription at base of pedestal.

In loving memory of

West face.

4 lines of inscription at upper part of pedestal.

I am the Resurrection
& the life Whosoever
[_____] & believeth in
me shall never die.

2 lines on lower part.

Greater love hath no man than this that
a man lay down his life for his friends

North face.

Emblem, probably military insignia. XIVII in a circle with crown above.

and of his youngest brother
Forty seventh Sikhs killed in action in
Mesopotamia 8th March 1916 Aged 25

Photo - D004

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