Revision of the Electoral Roll

This year there is a new electoral roll (rather than a revision of the current roll) so if you are on the current roll you need to apply again to join the new roll.

The Electoral roll is the closest that the Church of England comes to a list of members. The roll helps us to identify those who feel they are part of our Church community and the numbers on it are used by the wider Church when they consider providing pastoral resourcing such as trainee vicars.

If you consider St Mary Cogges to be the church to which you belong, then please either complete the form online (, or use a paper form available in church, by Thurs 28th Feb. If you live outside the Parish (see if you’re not sure) then you need to have been attending Cogges regularly for 6 months. Thank you for taking the time to complete a form - it is appreciated and will help us as we plan for the future.